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Just as you change the oil in your car every three or four thousand miles, having your gutters cleaned is vital in maintaining proper water drainage away from your house.

We all know the perpetual effects of having clogged gutters. The excess water can cascade over your gutters and create erosion problems below the roofline. In turn, the overflowing water doesn’t reach the down spouts, which serve the purpose of redirecting the water to a drain away from your home. Because of this, flooding can also occur onto your lawn, flower beds, driveway and even into your home! Siding is known to erode from rainwater, as well as erode your foundation. It’s not easy to maintain clean gutters, especially in the Northwest, but Pacific Gutters Group has your solution!

The messy process is made simple with one phone call. Our Pacific Gutters Group crew will efficiently clean your gutters and down spouts allowing your gutters to work properly again.

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Example of Clogged Gutters:

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